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USB Remote Clicker with a decent range


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We use the R400 as well, over a 20m 250cap venue, and it operates a computer in the control room from stage.

I was going to suggest it, but then I looked up the published range, which is much less - so I didn't want to suggest it with being well over range - but if others are finding this too then it isn't just our experience.

For critical though I would also look to relocate the receiver to stage if possible, or at least elevate it at the back.

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My cheap pointers arrived from Amazon, and I took the chance to try them out in a hotel ballroom last night.


I didn't get as far as 100m, but at roughly 30m, with audience in between, they worked perfectly and were quite responsive. The receiver dongle is tiny and was plugged directly into a laptop on a table, so the direct line of sight passed through plenty bodies. We were only able to do a very brief test, so I can only guess at the consistency over longer periods, but as an initial impression it's very good.


This job has some spare CAT6 lines, so what I think I'll do is use one of these clickers, with the receiver sitting closer to the stage using the adaptors that PJ suggested above. Hopefully the combination of those two measures will be enough to solve the problem.


A MicroCue is going on the list of things to buy for hire stock - sounds like they will be really handy.

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