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ProLights AIR6PIX Hire Stockists


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Hi All.


This very much an early request as the job in question is not until early 2018 but before I can concept/visualise an idea I am looking for hire stockists of the ProLights AIR6PIX or very similar.


Ive googled a fair amount but found no evidence to show anyone has these in their hirestock. I've seen these or something very similar used often so I cant believe nobody stocks them!



Any info would be appreciated.


Thanks, George

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Hi George,


As James says, give Color Sound Experiment a call. They have the Air6Pix in stock, but they do tend to be a very popular fixture....


If you don't have any luck please drop me a line at neil.vann@ac-et.com and I will give you some other suggestions.


Best regards,




Neil Vann

AC Entertainment Technologies


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