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Birdie bases?

Mr Steve

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The first birdies I had came with their own "bases". these consisted of a knockout box which housed the transformer, with an appropriately sized bolt sticking out of one end, on which you located the birdie's yoke.


I wouldn't reccommend this solution.


My preferred version is - bit of 3x1, birdie's yoke screwed to this using penny washer as described elsewhere or perhaps by drilling screw-sized hole in yoke. 3x1 then stuck to stage using double-sided tape. (preferred tape: Expo tape as described at length elsewhere on this board)


my favourite birdie base was 5.5m long - it was the lid of a crate that we had made to transport a long thin vulnerable pit of set. We attached our 8 birdies and trannies to the underside of the lid, made a little upstand of 3x1 to partially hide the gubbins. once the fragile bit of set was in its box, there was enough room to put the lid on with birdies still attached in their "show" positions. At the next venue all we had to do was take off the lid, place at the front of the stage, plug in and focus.

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The picture from Henley shows an old cct sil yoke locking disc used as a floor plate. They do make fantastic bases for birdies we use them.


Quite cheap, small and perfectly weighted for Birdies.




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