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Laptop inventory and management

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Hi all,


We have about 20 over laptops of different models and brands.


I'm trying to look into a good, efficient management system of laptop storage and check in/out.


When we get very busy with too many shows, we will lose track of the laptop movements and locations.


Thank you!

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Hello Xanvier,


I found two management applications or tools which may work for you.


1. IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Location

-Locate a laptop with the same ease as locating a smartphone or tablet.

-View an easily recognizable address based on the location of the Wi-Fi or IP address coordinates.

-Review location history reports for your laptops.


IBM MaaS360


2. Nebula - NeoTechID’s Laptop Tracking System

Basically its a tracking system which tracks your official Laptops and Phones through RFID Scanner.

Nebula Tracking System




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