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Installing slave PPMs in studio


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We have some PPM metres in our broadcast rack which shows the level output by our broadcast desk in Studio 1. I am no electrical wizard, and don't really know how it works, except that a cable comes out of the metre bridge on the desk (I assume someone has soldered it into the back of the desk's PPM metres.


Basically, I'd like to duplicate the setup in studio 2, i.e. install two PPMs across the main outputs on the mixer. Now, I have found these quite cheaply, as there is not a great deal of money to spend. The desk is a Soundcraft series 5 broadcast mixer with 2 PPMs built in.


Do people in the know think there is a lot of work involved in creating two working PPMs from this collection or not? Is it something that can be done with a soldering iron and a limited knowlage of resistors/capacitors/diodes etc....


Thanks to all

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