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2R Lamp "ballasts/Drivers"


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Hi all,

If I wanted to run a 2R lamp for a few experiments, what driver or ballast would I need - are their any "off the shelf" PCBs or similiar I could use? I dont want to be buying a PSU from a fixture, then reverse engineering - I would rather just have 240v in, and "2R lamp" out.

Any suggestions?



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With these sort of high technology lamps I would be very wary of using anything but the correct ballast.


Very high voltages are needed for starting and a closely controlled current when running. I doubt that you could make or improvise anything suitable at a lower cost than simply buying a ballast.

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Aye, realise they arent simple - but you must be able to buy a ballast for them? It cant only be the manufacturers making them.


well... this is a 5R ballast, same maker presumably has 2R lamps and ballasts.




Warning in description of lamp as UHP, UHP mercury lamps were originally designed for video projectors, UHP, stands for Ultra High Pressure, they can go with a bang and mercury line means they output a lot of unpleasant level UV , skin and eye hazard at short range.


Make sure the lamp is in a decent source enclosure for experiments.

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Heh. yeah. Saw those, and bought 2 (the 2R version that starlight also offer)

This is a classic example of china cloning the wrong thing. The PSU here, was acutally an interface board for a projector, to allow USB connections, monitoring etc. I attached a lamp to it, applied power, and it literally went "bang", blowing all the FETs on the board.

After a quick google of the parts and board layouts, it was for a toshiba projector interface board - not a lamp ballast.

Luckily, no harm done, and not too expensive an experiment.

Whats annoying is, that there are *loads* of 2 and 5R beam lights, but no PSUs.

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Spare for CP Sharpy, 5R 189W, is listed as Osram Sirius ballast or Philips EUC 190d NT01


Searching for 132W lamp ballast rather than 2R ballast , brings up these , looks possible, has what looks like the ignitor and the HT insulated leads, also appears on ebay as Optima spare:



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