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Sennheiser G3 100 Series Mute Issue


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Hi Guys,


We have a couple of Sennheiser G3 100 Series Radio mics, and one of the receivers appears to be stuck on mute.


I've tested it with two different transmitters, both of which work fine with our other receiver

The squelch settings are all set to low

Pilot tone is active on all transmitters and receivers


The receiver is registering the transmitter being linked to it, but it won't come off mute.


Anybody got any suggestions?



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I have G3 300 Mics and can recall something similar with one a while back when it came back from a hire. I think it was a setting issue and a resett fixed it.


Can't quite remember exact issue and not by a unit now but think the resett was a simple menu selection.

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Just to check, You know you can also mute using the Receiver, as well as the switches on the Transmitters?


If this is the case it will flash "RX Mute" Rather than RF/AF Mute. (I believe. It may be just the G3's that identify the type of mute.)


Instructions to turn it off here:






If not, Sennheiser support are fairly good, at least in terms of replacement of damaged / broken equipment. There may be a cost involved depending on the age of the unit.

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