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Adobe Premiere 6.5 Error


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I have a problem...

Ever when I install Adobe Premier...the error(I don't know him aksactly)...

....that some file in Progra~ isn't really working...and the error - 1 pops up...


Adobe Premier works...but not very well...I cant capcher anything... and after tree times open a project the uploaded clips have the name -1...and the project doesn't work ... and I don't like that!!!


(sorry for my bad english)


it could be that this is because I have windows XP...but I don't know...

does I nee a patch ... or something...?


please Help... 2 month I didn't cut anything... :unsure:

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Somebody: Which country are you from?


Would I be correct in saying:


When you install Premiere, you get an error message of some kind, referring to a file in the directory /progra- and this error is of type -1.

Can you get the exact text of the error message please.


Then, when you use Premiere, the Capture option doesn't work.

Is Capture greyed out, or does it appear to work and then not?


And if you open a project 3 times it renames the files and fails to work.


It's going to be difficult to help without all the details.

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I'm guessing you actually mean AdobePremiere\TCW\tcwi.exe?


Which version, exactly, of Premiere are you running? I'm know it's 6.5, but is it 6.5(R168) or 6.5(R198)? (You can find this out on the "about" page.)


If it's (R168) then I have bad news for you - it's an unsupported Beta and thats a common error when reinstalling. If you bought it legally, refer to your vendor - they haven't sold you production software. If you got if off Limewire or Bittorrent...shame on you...


Meanwhile, the "all clips renamed to -1" is a known bug in Premiere, caused by a conflict with certain MP3 files. There's a way to fix it here.


You could try resampling your music as a WAV or something else before you use it.


My main suggestion would be to stop wasting your time editing video on a PC and get a proper computer and some decent software... :unsure: ;)


No, seriously. Premiere is to Final Cut (or Avid Express, if you must use a PC) what Paint is to Adobe Illustrator. Adobe do make some good products, but Premiere isn't one of them.

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No, seriously.  Premiere is to Final Cut (or Avid Express, if you must use a PC) what Paint is to Adobe Illustrator.  Adobe do make some good products, but Premiere isn't one of them.


Personaly I don't have that many problems with Premiere 6, but I have been using it since 4.x so have had some experience with it. Completly not working is not something I'm used to and not something I would expect from a £400 piece of software. Contact your reseller to help you out - it should still be in warranty if you have only had it two months, or contact Adobe Tech support (who can probably help a lot more than us)


On the other hand FCP is a slightly better product than AP but the design team did set out to slide between AP and AVID in the market. There are a lot of people who use it in preference to AVID (beccause of the price) but it doesn't scale as well as AVID and does have some interesting features (bugs) the built in title tool is well crap, the media manager has a habit of mangling your media and it only works on a mac.*


Avid scales very well, and copes with large scale colabrarative workflows better You can learn the AVID GUI on products like AVID FREE DV which is well Free!! and this means you should be able to dive into an Express, Adrenaline, Symphony Film/Media Composer, or Nitrus without too much of a learning curve. Of course most of us don't have £30,000 to buy an Adrenaline with (+ bits like VTR etc. ) and arguably one of the buggest points in its favour is the FCP system can cope with HD resolutions with a fraction of the initial outlay.


Apologies as I run the risk of rambling...




* yes some would rate that as a feature rather than a flaw

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It's not that bad Bryson - in fact, I rather like it. The main issue I have is that it's very easy to import all sorts of files, then realise too late that it needs to re-render everything just when you think it's finished and then it might take 2 days to redo your 2 hour edit. Now that is annoying. 6.5 has been pretty stable on my machine.
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Actually the newer titler in FCP4 (and now 5) is pretty good. Basically they just bought a third party company outright! The one in 3 was rubbish though. Never had any trouble with the media manager here. It does mangle mp3s on import though, which is rather tedious.


I dunno. I have used Premiere 6.0 and I hated it - very non-intuative and annoying to my mind. Avid Express and FCP4, while very different, seemed to "make sense" to me, Premiere just didn't.

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Hey...Thanks for the helpful information...My old projects is working again...

And I can put in all my idees I have had in the last 2 month(not very much but a nov)..

And teach my "skills"...


I don't know if there is any better program than AdobePremiere, because I couldn't prove any other...But I think if you work long a noth with AP you can use it very good...

I needed more than one year to use it with out looking in help all times.. And after 3 years I still learn some new stuff about it(ok thats normal I think...but it is )



Ok thanks for help....


(and...yes...shame on me...hihi) :D

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