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Most popular wireless DMX


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Whats the most popular and reliable wireless DMX solution? Especially for tours etc.


Looking at W-DMX, and Lumen...which seem to be very similar.


Had some strange things happen with the ShowBabys, although cheap.


Interested in your opinions.

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All suggested types so far are good and reliable. A lot will depend on the set up and application.

When you say tours do you mean theatre, concert, circus etc? Scale?

Lumen and wDMX perform well out of the box, and the back end RF is very widely used in industry.

City is also good and and tuneable without additional hardware. The showbaby is limited for this.

RC4 is also good out of the box.


Best option will depend on your set up and desired use. Just like picking a light or cable, they're not all equal even if they do the same thing.

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