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Mixer for show-relay


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A few years ago I replaced a home-brew show-relay system in my local theatre with a small Behringer mixer & a Minicom800 compressor (4 shotguns feed the mixer, which gives uncompressed stereo for Sound, uncompressed mono for the IR system controller & mono via the compressor for Lights & FoH). I've replaced the mixer once (under-rated & over-heated PSU died) & now the Minicom has died (probably for the same reason). The Minicom seems to be discontinued, so I'm looking for either a half-rack width stereo compressor or a 1U mixer to do the whole job.


I've so far failed to find an alternative half-width compressor, so any suggestions (on hardware) would be appreciated.

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Thanks Paul - the Rolls looks like it would to the job, but the need for mini-jack or phono convertors probably rules it out.


Bruce - I had thought about a Shark, but until I dug out the one I have at home I had assumed it would be too tall to shoehorn into the rack. Unless someone comes up with a simple 2-channel compressor I think a Shark, plus an isolating transformer for the 2nd o/p, would make a quick fix. I thought Canford's RDL range would include one, but apparently not.


Do you have sufficient gold-braid to take down my duplicate post? (must remember not to hit "refresh" if the site freezes when posting :()

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