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Help with DSP 1100 Feedback Destroyer

John In Brum

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Hi folks

I'm not a fan of feedback destroyers, but the theatre I am working in has one and I am trying to get it to do a simple job.


I have two boundary mics on the apron and have used the DSP 1100, in single shot mode, to tune out the initial feedback frequencies.

Fine so far and it does a great job albeit a little slowly.

What I don't seem to be able to fathom from the manual is how to save this profile so that it is restored when the system is turned on again.

The operator for the show will be non-technician, so I cant get it done each time.


Can anyone give me a step by step idiots guide to saving the results of my single shot tuning please?





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It's been many a year since I played with one of these, but if I'm understanding you right, you used a single shot filter to find the offending frequency and you would now like that saved?


So, you've used the feedback destroyers auto setting, and you want to "bake" that into a parametric EQ filter.


What you need to do is interrogate that filter, using the Frequency, Fine, Bandwidth and Gain buttons, making a note of the settings. Now change the filter from single-shot to parametric EQ and manually enter the above noted Frequency, Fine, Bandwidth and Gain settings (perhaps adding a little more gain reduction if you see fit.


And then, obviously, save your settings as a preset. Don't forget to set the filter mode for the unused filters to Off.

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A quick look at the manual seems to suggest that it should save the info automatically to a default preset.



Perhaps I was overcome with so many words!

If this is correct than I don't have to do anything.

Must confess I didn't turn it on again after sitting scratching my head.


If I need to go the manual route, then I think the thing will only get used this once!

That only because I have started, so I am determined to finish.

The one advantage of being a volunteer is you don't need to volunteer the next time!


Thanks Both



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