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Classic Avo Pearl


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I have an old Pearl (Borris 1 board with memory upgrade, running 2004 software version 1.2).


A couple of questions:

1. Am I correct in thinking this is the most up-to-date software version for the pre-2008 desks?

2. I notice when doing a WipeAll, the user settings all revert to defualt, eg. Rec by fixture, is this normal and if so can the defualts be changed?

3. I have been having floppy disk write and format errors recently so suspect the drive is on its way out. I have come across the following products which appear to 'behave like' a floppy drive, but record on USB flash drives - has anyone tried one in an old Avo desk, or suggest if it may/may not work?




Many thanks! Just trying to eek a bit more life out of the old girl!

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1. Fairy sure it is.

2. Yes it's normal. There's no way to change this.

3. I've read about people having success with these.

Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to also put question 4.. my desk is missing its graphics card (I understand this is not unusual in the early Pearls as graphics card errors tended to crash the desk, and removing the card was a simple solution). The card is obviously obsolete, but do you know what they actually were so I can look out for one? The on-board connector is a multipin socket and not PCI/AGP etc.

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