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ETC Express Clicking


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Hi everyone,


Done a search on this and couldn't find anything...


One of our venues ETC express 24/48 has started clicking on start up and won't proceed to the loading screen. Sometimes this happens once when you power up. Other times it will work on the 4th or 5th power up. Sometimes it will power up with no issues. Any advice?


Power supply seems to be ok.


Many thanks!

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It might be that one of the keys on the desk is stuck down. You might have to just press all of them a few times with power off and see if that makes any difference.

Alternatively is anything on top of the console (script, books etc) which is pressing a key. As far as I remember you can't connect an external keyboard to an Express which might have fallen down the back of the console and been forgotten about?

Another possibility is to make sure there is no diskette in the drive or the Express "thinks" there is one when there isn't. Usually inserting and removing a diskette a few times will resolve this if a sensor has got stuck.

Also make sure the power cable is properly seated as this might have become worn at one end or the other.

However not sure why rebooting by itself would fix anything like this but the best I can think of at the moment - I haven't used an Express for quite a long time.

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Thanks for your reply.


Everything seems fine. There's no disc in the drive. Nothing is on top of the console. All the buttons function normally when you get the desk on. There doesn't seem to be any sticky keys.


I'll double check the power supply for worn components.


Many thanks. :)

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Next time it happens - assuming it isn't during panic stations - try and get a brief video of the desk, the sound, and what - if anything - the monitor is showing? This might help to jog a few memories.
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3 things that could click


Floppy Drive (or HDD for gear that has them)

Any cooling fans

Internal speaker


If it is not booting then it could be the a fan not spinning up properly and this is halting at POST. Or even the PSU one which would prevent anything from starting.

Improperly seated floppy drive data cables (or failing drives) can cause boot failure but this would likely be permanent.


Clicking on an internal speaker is not a normal failure mode (it's normally various beeping patterns). Something could cause the BIOS to halt just as the normal beep was about to sound turning it into a click. This points back to power troubles or something big like CPU or RAM messing up the POST sequence. I've had experience of bad RAM or unseated CPU causing unusual noises from the speaker but not continual clicking.

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Hi everyone.


Thanks for all your replies.


Here's a video of the clicking... When it is doing this the screen is blank, like nothing is booting.



Today I've noticed the power supply was missing a volt or 2 from one of the pins. So got a new one on order and hopefully that will solve the issue!



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