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x32 - Saving a show


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Saving the show to USB stick should be easy so I'm obviously doing something silly.

It says to press the View button in the Scenes section then press 'Utility'. Apparently the 6th encoder should say EXPORT SHOW USB DRIVE.

Mine doesn't - it says 'Save Scenes' (Note the plural of Scenes). This saves a scene file, not a show file.


Any idea what I've missed?


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Make sure you're on the Home tab, not the Scenes tab when you press Utility.



Press 'Home' then 'Utilities' and there is no mention of anything to do with USB on mine??


If I press the 'View' button from Scenes, there are buttons for USB Drive Load and Save settings. If I then press Utility, I get buttons for USB Drive Import/Export scenes.

Nowhere can I find anything about saving the show!



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