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How to bridle a sling on a inclined beam


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Hello everybody.

I have to rig about 30 electric hoist on incleaned beams.

What is the solution for the slings not to slip ?

The beams sare not very inclined maybe about 15°.

Thanks for your answers !


PS : excuse my english, I'm french :)

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The beams sare not very inclined maybe about 15°.


2-legged bridles between parallel beams? (So that the bridle leg is at 90 degrees to the beam.)

And motor chains hanging vertical?


a) Just use baskets as normal, not too big, and don't worry about it they won't slip.


b) If you want to be really certain, use a longer sling for the basket and double-wrap. (So that the sling goes 540 degrees around the beam instead of 180 degrees*.) If you're using a spanset (polyester roundsling), keep it neat so that one strand isn't trapped against a corner of the beam by another passing over the top of it. If you're using steel, pad all four corners of the beam with plenty of burlap. Y'know, just make it tidy. For nice. :)

(But look again at a. If you have time, try one. Put in a dead hang, bounce up and down on it a bit and see how you feel. If that didn't slip a bridle definitely wont.)



* - Slight tidy up, and to correct the above. Of course I don't mean 720 degrees, I mean 540. Like this:


180: http://www.deepsoup.f2s.com/BR/180.jpg


540: http://www.deepsoup.f2s.com/BR/540.jpg

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Indeed the situation is : http://www.blue-room.org.uk/brwiki/images/a/a8/Rig_forum.gif


Ah. A little bit of confusion with the language I think.


You mentioned a bridle in the thread title - this is what riggers speaking in english mean by a bridle: http://www.deepsoup.f2s.com/BR/bridle.jpg


It makes no difference really, but for your information each of the points that you have drawn with a single basket and the point hanging directly below the beam are what I would call a dead-hang.



edit to add..


Just to be really clear. This bit is the basket: http://www.deepsoup.f2s.com/BR/weebasket.jpg

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What size are the hoists 1t or 2t?


If they are 1t then use 2t spansets/softsteel choked around the beam. You will have to reduce the SWL of the spanset/softsteel by 20% (i.e. a 2000kg rating becomes 1600kgs) because of the choke but if you are rigging 1t hoists then that wont matter.



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