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Thanks to the RF coordinators who have posted scans.


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I want to thank the RF Coordinators who have participated in my Collection of RF scans around the world. This last year we have had almost 6000 visits to the page and many have gotten scans there to help prep for their RF events.


Anyone is allowed to get these scans and I invite you all to join and send in scans for the collection. We have almost 400 scans from around the world. There is no charge but you must create a logon.





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Just a friendly thought.


Did you ask permission to publicly display their email addresses?


Your website states that information will never be sold or shared...


Yes they gave permission. These are coordinators not members of my website. One of the advantages to posting on the site as a coordinator is having your email and bil as part of every post to advertise your services.


Now that you mention that, I wonder if I should request my username to be deleted from the site.


No web site users emails are shared or posted anywhere. Those Coordinator addresses are posted on purpose to let the coordinators get work.

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