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Controlling a strobe with sound

Student party

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Hi Everyone,


We are hosting a party and would like to sync our strobe with our music. We have previously used an Equinox Firecracker strobe with its built in sound detection, but it is far too sensitive and is affected by clapping, shouting etc. and has no way to adjust sensitivity.


Ideally, we'd like to control the strobe with a USB to DMX, using the same laptop we are playing the music from. We have got a couple of bits of kit we have borrowed - Obey 3 DMX Controller (http://www.chauvetdj...roducts/obey-3/) which we can use to control the strobe and activate chasers etc. but cannot get the sound function to work, and SUSHI-DS (https://store.dmxsoft.com/en/product/105-The-world's-most-attractive-DMX-controller) which again, we can use to control the strobe from a laptop but cannot use sound.


Any advice or help would be greatly apprectiated.




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