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Genie C5351/12P CCTV camera User Guide needed


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I've no idea where to post this, so feel free to move it if necessary.


Our theatre's CCTV camera is a Genie C5351/12P which does the job perfectly. Or it did until someone 'fiddled' with it. Now I need to set it back and fine tune all the settings to get it back to being wonderful. The only problem, we can't find a User Guide or Manual anywhere. A Google search returns nothing but the Technical Data sheet.


Genie's website don't list it either (I think it's a few years old).


Any ideas?

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Well that's handy to know, thank you very much.


I should also give Genie credit, they have also been able to supply a very similar .pdf as well now.


But it was well worth asking, as you've all provided some useful resources.


Many thanks,



If you have issues of this kind, the Wayback Machine is a wonderful resource (assuming it has cached the page to begin with!)


Check out http://www.archive.org and enter the web address, you can go back in time and often it will cache things like PDF user manuals.




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