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Making Weight Bags


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Hi All.


Looking to fill some weight bags with Lead Shot but struggling to find a supplier other than Flints as we need such a large amount I was hoping to get it from source, anyone got any help on suppliers or where to look?


Any help greatly appreciated



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We use Calder Lead





They will deliver if you want enough we had 500Kgs at a time, we also get 25kg lead ingots from them as well.


One of the problems you will encounter is that lead shot and lead in general is being outlawed in most of its previous uses in the workplace, so is becoming harder to find.


You may have an issue of using it under The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 (CLAW) you can download details from the HSE website for free.


We have started to use Steel shot instead as even though the lead shot is in a sealed bag, what you have to put in place in case of a spill and any dust that may come from the bag wasn't worth the extra paperwork, and our insurer would not cover any issues that would arise from it.

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