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clay paky stage light 300 repair


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hi all


I have a pair of cp stage light 300 hti which I bought second hand one has the plug missing from the cable that conects to the the motor for the focus motor


and the other one is missing the compleat focus unit


basicly the questions I am asking are


where could I get a replacement cable


does anyone other than cp hold spare parts for these lights


I am also looking for a service manuel for these fixtures if one exists





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I've just fixed a coupleof these


The wire that goes from the PCb to the focus motor clay paky still sells


Part no 031726 think it was about 6 quid


The focus motor has a smaller than normal plug


As for the focus unit you will have to consult clay paky


They are generally really good at stocking parts for there older gear

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thanks for that


I need to get some belts reflectors and few other bits and bobs


I will take a picture of what turned up today to say I was not happy was an understatement I was under the inpression that they needed lamps and 2 tilt belts


do you know if there is a wiring diagram and a parts list that can be downloaded from anywhere

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I got a quote today for the spares that I need and nearly fell of my chair


can any one sugest where I would be able to get hold of the dicro colour lenses for the stage light 300 moving heads

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