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Suggestions for generic gobo wash


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Just wondering if anyone can suggest a good gobo for use as a generic wash. In many shows I have done, I include a generic gobo wash with the Rosco brick gobo (77563) being my favourite one. I also use soft breakup (77811) and a more angular one, the number of which escapes me at the moment. The effect I am trying to create is something more interesting than just low level light for a group who may not need to be featured. I have also used foliage breakups to great effect if the show suggests is set in an outdoor or "leafy glade" type setting.



I suppose I am looking to know if anyone has found any particular gobo to be useful for this type of use- one that will project rather than hold back most of the light, but still be interesting. I have also experimented with colour, but have found that in general, open white is best. Again, suggestions here would be welcome.



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