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Video link to a mobile monitor


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Hi all


A friend of mine, who is PMing an opera, rang me with a curious query.


One of the many jobs he is overseeing, involves the backstage video layout for the maestro cams. It is all pretty straightforward re the layout, BNC runs etc.


The query is that there is a video monitor on a mobile truck. Now, the invertor and battery aspect are already covered and that is not an issue. His query is as to how to get the video signal of the maestro conducting to this monitor. Needless to say, he wishes to keep this all "wireless".


I am unsure as to what would be the best way to do this.


One idea is to put in a second camera and send a wireless signal but this is probably fraught with image quality and latency.


I cannot see it but there must be a simple way to transmit a video camera signal to a glorified telly....? We have been doing it for years at a national level...


I am wondering if anyone has a simple and/or smarter way of achieving this idea.


Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Mush


Sorry for not getting back sooner. Long few days...


That looks like an excellent option. TBH, it is not something that I would have thought about!







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