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Rite I need help with understand what I need 2 improve a system being used at a gig I help with.

We have 2 amps running in that back room (and for the size of room its all we need), they aren't to power full, one 1500 mosfet (so I'm told) and one 500 watt (omnitronic). currently the subs we use for bass are just pluged in to the back of the other speakers. what I want to do is change this so one amp powers the subs the other deals with the rest of the noise. :P

Can anyone help me as to how to do this, what I need, where to get it? (also need to be cheap cause we are currently making very little money :P )


Thank you very much for your help.

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what are the specs of the speakers:


Power handling? (Watts)

Impedance? (Ohms)




what are the specs of the amps:


Output per channel at relative impedances?


Then we can suggest which amp for which speaker pair. Unless you've already got that sorted.



Anyway, I know that's not the answer to your question, so... if you want an inexpensive crossover, then go for a dBx 233XL, they're lovely little units and they're not v. expensive. Don't be tempted to go for a behringer unit or something, (sound quality & reliability will be much worse than the dBx unit, but they'd likely be cheaper)


You'd basically plug the outputs of your console (most likely via the multicore) into the inputs of the crossover. then you'd take the HF outputs of the crossover to the amp which will power the tops, and you'd take the LF outputs of the crossover to the amp which will power the subs.


You then set the crossover point on the front of the unit. (the frequency where the crossover decides what it sends to the subs and to the tops).



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If you've got the amps, just buy a cheap 2 way behringer.


Ignor all the rubbish about them being poor quality. They are a mass produced bit of kit that can suffer from minor manufacturing faults - that said, I've had loads of their kit over the years and although there are better items available, none come in anywhere near the price.


You'll get a 2-way for less than £100.


For what it's worth I've just ordered one of their digital crossovers - in one review by Hugh Robjohns (whose opinions I've valued greatly over the years) he said the sonic quality easily exceeded the BSS he was comparing it against.


Under a ton, a years guarantee - you can't really go wrong.


Sorry you Behringer haters, but most of you are just responding to the ever continuing slag off Behringer trend, without any personal experience.



To put it into perspective, I've got lots myself, and have supplied loads to customers and I've had one single dry-joint problem, which was swapped out without quibble by return of post. I think this is a pretty good record!

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I too have had good experiences with Behringer. I bought one of their products, second hand, used and abused, no warranty. Repaired some of the pots myself. Got it all working.


Then I got caught by a really obscure firmware bug. So I logged the problem on their support website, and 3 days later a new Eprom arrived. And this is for a several-year-old product which I bought second hand!


You can't call that bad service:)



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thanks every body for your help,

Im afraid as the kit isnt mine I dnt no the speakers or the amps, I was just asked to c what adive I could get. Im nt sure but as long as I can get a crossover for under a ton that will slipt the bass, mid and high end apart and put it to different amps then that all we really need. once this gigs get going properly then hopefully we can buy our own kit and start playing properly.

Thanks again guys

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hi guys,

I've got a 2way behringer crossover which I thought sounded good and worked exactly how I wanted it todo.. I was getting worried about the behringer bashing, wondering if they are really that bad?? so thanks to paulears and bruce for putting my mind at rest.. ;-)


so yeah.. my 2way works a treat and I paid around £70 for mine..




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