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MIDAS Dry Hire...?


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Looking, for future reference, for a hire outfit that has Midas digital stage boxes on their shelf that are compatible with the Pro2 range of desks.

For example, a DL251 or similar.

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SFL and SSE I'm sure carry MIDAS, a quick Google for DL251 hire suggests a few events companies with dry hire prices - Ingram Sounds and PF events being at the top of the Google list! Never hired MIDAS myself so based only on Google...
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Hi Tony,


We have a full complement of Midas I/O boxes on the shelf in our hire department, including:





DL231 splitters


DL451 with various cards


We are Hiykon Pro Audio, based just North of Brighton Sussex.


For anyone else reading this in the future, we also have Pro1, Pro2 and ProX to go on the other end of the Cat5.





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I SHOULD have said local ish to me (and in fact thought I had, doh). We're in Nuneaton, so Coventry, Leicester, Brum, that sort of area.


Anywhere that needs a courier is likely to approach doubling the cost of getting a single box out to us, so it's likely the best choice for somewhere reasonable to drive to/from.

Redditch SSE is feasible, Brighton sadly is not :)


We bought the desk through SFL 18 months ago.

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