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Hi All


I need to hire some 2kw profiles in the UK, ideally not a million miles from Norwich. Anyone know a hire company that stocks them?


And yes I've looked into doubling up 1k's and S4's and everything else blah blah blah..........but at least 1 x 2kw profile 15/30 is a must for the company, they have requested 5 thou.


Any help is appreciated.





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I thought Viking were the most obvious supplier to the festival, being minutes away - extremely handy when you need more, or different very quickly! Assuming Ian hasn't wandered off with his trombone again. I note he pops up more and more often as a performer than a supplier now.
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What do they want them for though?

Have you looked into HMI


Yes HMI but no. The company is from Europe and they are adamant that they want a 2kw unit. Originally they wanted more but I have convinced them they can double up and/or other units for 1 particular focus they want a 2kw profile.

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