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Simple Stock Control


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I'm looking for some software, or even an app, to do some simple stock control for consumables.


  • Consumables sit in a bin with only one product per bin
  • Each bin has a barcode on the front
  • When taking consumables out you scan the barcode and when prompted enter the quantity removed


That's pretty much it.


A nice-to-have would be a stock take mode where you scan the barcode and enter how many units are in the bin.


In an ideal world, at the end of the day you'd simply dump out a .csv file of the day's activities which gets fed into another (existing) system although a complete integrated system would be a possibility.


What it doesn't need is any form of invoicing or purchase orders.


Anyone come across anything they can recommend?

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I too would like something along these lines. I spent a bit of time looking for possible solutions after doing some rejigging in our workshop at the start of the year. Unfortunately most apps appear to be aimed at stock-keeping for retailers and have too many features to be useful.


What I've done in the meantime is put a simple database together. I'm not too concerned about quantities, it's more of an interactive map so that staff who aren't in the workshop much can find items quickly if required. It might be possible to put something together yourself that would fulfil the criteria but I suspect getting something suitable polished would take a lot of time and effort.

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