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Send your Dante over internet


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Unityintercom.com is in the development phase of a new, as yet unreleased, product called Unity Connect. They will announce it at NAB this year and then will have pricing info.


It is a 64 channel bi directional program to send audio or voice from one source to many or from many sources to one over the internet with latency as low as 10ms. I am using it this week for a fashion show at MSG and sending 3 channels of my Riedel Intercom to the Unity server off site.


I am posting this on the audio forum since I think that is where it may arouse the most interest but I am currently using it to get 4 wire circuits from my live events into the Unity Intercom in this post:




Since a video is worth a billion words: watch this



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Pete, what is your relationship with these products? This also sounds a lot like an advertisement.


I have nothing to do with this company except my interest in it.

I don't even sell it nor do they pay me, beyond letting me use demo versions of the software.

I am so impressed with their system that I will be buying it myself

as well as recommending it for the company I work for, Clair Broadcast.

You can see really what I do at www.bestaudio.com


Video has been moved to

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