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Mac 250+ end stop copper spring getting caught - any ideas?

la grande homme

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Hi boys and girls,

Got a venerable mac250+ that has done sterling work but is now suffering a mechanical problem.


The copper pan spring is getting caught under the end stop on the fly wheel.


It's OK when upright on the bench but as soon as I rig from a bar, the whole assembly drops a bit and the spring is no longer long enough to stop the end stop, instead it gets stuck under it.


Any suggestions?



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It's a common problem - I had this on a Mac 300 some years ago and it took me a while to diagnose as it worked fine 'the right way up'! Unfortunately I can't remember what I did to fix it - I tightened all the screws holding all that assembly together, IIRC, and I think I may have also bent it a bit. Sorry if you've already tried all that.
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