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Par 16 Birdie Transformer


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Ive already tried searching, but I think I'm probably missing some key words which is not giving me the results I'm looking for!


We have just acquired six brand new par 16 birdies quite cheaply. At the moment they require 230v GU10 lamps, but I would be alot happier with 12v LED lamps in them as they are just going to be used to look pretty, and only really used in youth productions for footlights etc. In the past I have seen various transformers for spotlights, but I've also seen 6 way power supplies which connect using XLR's.


Has anyone got any links to something we could buy to power these at 12v?




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Do you want to simply power them, or do you want to dim them as well? If you just want to have them on constantly them a suitably rated 12 volt power supply should be fine. I'd be wary of using XLRs though as they are obviously used by the sound department as well. The last thing you want is for someone to plug a mic or even a desk into a 12 volt power supply.


Something else to bear in mind with MR16 LEDs is that they can get quite hot. We replaced the lamps in some GU10 track lighting with LEDs. Unfortunately the fixtures have close fitting 'shades' around the back of the lamp which do a great job of holding the heat in, which in turn cooks the driver electronics. This might be an issue if you are fitting LEDs to your birdies.

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