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Le Maitre


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Does anyone (I've seen a Le Maitre person on the board before) know why Le Maitre are called that?


It's just that I'm reading a book on Science at the mo (A Short History Of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson) and it mentions that the first person to suggest the Big Bang theory was a Abbe Georges Lemaitre. Apparently he called it the "Fireworks" theory.



Just thought it would be great if they were named after an obscure Belgian Priest/Cosmologist. <_<

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Whilst I am not an employee of Le Maitre, I can confirm that the directors of Le Maitre are "aware" of the facts that you have posted and the actual reason that they are called Le Maitre is because they originally set up and traded from space rented to them within a woodworking factory in Croydon, Surrey, that was called Le Maitre.


They initially traded as "Le Maitre Lighting and Effects"


Hope that helps



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My slightly unsubstantiated theory (i.e. Guess) is that it's a cunning ploy to sound all cool and foreign.

I just checked Alta Vista's Babel Fish translator

Babel Fish

and the english translation of Le Maitre is The Master they being the masters of pyrotechnics (plus having a beardy masterly looking bloke as their logo)


works for me! B)

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