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Broken Behringer LD6230


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I was using my Behringer LD3260 dimmer today and then it suddenly started playing up, taking a long time to respond to DMX changes or not at all. When I power cycled it all the parts of the LED display lit up. The second time it "booted" correctly, but then locked up after about thirty seconds. The output displayed on the display is very varied, sometimes it runs fine until it locks up, other times the segments slowly light up until the whole display is lit. I have also tried the Eprom reset method with no success. My guess is it is some sort of issue with the main CPU which handles the display and DMX decoding.


Firstly do you think my diagnosis sounds right?


Secondly has anyone else had this problem before, if so how did you solve it?


Finally why did this have to happen during a show, and also only a week before the next show, where normally there would be a gap of a month. :)


Thanks in advance



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If you want to figure out if its a control side problem or the dimmer wiring itself, could you feed it some analogue control? I would have thought this would bypass all the digital circuitry involved.


Just an idea...



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Could be any number of things in the digital circuitry - corrupted ROM maybe?


One thing to check is, does it have an internal backup battery (for saving settings, etc.)?


A few months ago, a customer's Behringer DMX controller started doing weird things - operating by itself, not booting up properly, showing bad characters on screen.


We opened it up, did some tests, couldn't find anything abnormal. Eventually replaced the backup battery (which IIRC isn't mentioned in the manual at all) and the desk magically recovered!


I'd have thought the software would be better designed so that it would still function without a battery, but now we know...



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It could have been some corrupted data that was wiped when you removed the original battery, though...


I didn't explain that very well. The desk started malfunctioning when the original battery was still there, but flat. Replacing it corrected the problem. Why the battery was flat when the desk was only about 6 months old is another question altogether...

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In my experience with Behringer boards they do WEIRD things when the battery is low... the on screen battery warning doesnt' help either... when the battery is low most of the time it tells you 'battery ok' anyway...
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