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Audiophile Ethernet test

the kid

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Speaking of audiophiles, has anyone seen these billboards advertising Sony phones? They're not really selling me that phone.




"I can hear things you can't"

Nah, don't think so, you smug delusional nobhead.

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I've told the tale on here before, but it seems apposite to this story to repeat it, passed on by John Taylor of d&b: over a period of years, he and the team at Nailsworth were approached/bothered by a gentleman suggesting that he could improve their already excellent product with his revolutionary speaker cable. Needless to say, this was repeatedly declined with varying degrees of politeness/laughter/cynicism. Well, things must have been quiet at some point, because they decided to give it a go: and, in John's words, there was much scraping of jaws off floors when they heard the results, which did indeed show a clear improvement...
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