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Variable Colour Temperature LED's for Dressing Room Mirrors

Don Allen

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Does anyone know of a wide beam angle led strip that has warm and cool smd leds to allow for colour temperature to be set to adjust to the stage lighting, that can be used for dressing room mirrors please? Altronics in Perth, Western Australia used to have a LED strip product that had adhesive back, in line, corner and tee connectors, 12 V. They were only "white" or blue, but were IP65 so suitable for mounting on a mirror as they were finished, not just tape.


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City Theatrical have a product designed specifically for dressing rooms. It uses their "adjustable white" LED tape and a flicker-free dimmer. The tape is fitted into an extrusion (aluminium I think). The spec for the different tapes is on the website but unfortunately the adjustable white one seems to be missing. It's a fairly new product so there aren't any pics of the finished article there at the moment (that I could find anyway).


Disclosure - I do a bit of work for CTI from time to time.



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