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Easyjob 4 client on Windows 8


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Hi - just a quick question; has anyone managed to install the client for Easyjob 4 on Windows 8.1 x64 (or Windows 8 more generally) please?


In the past I've been reasonably OK at coaxing Easyjob into working on various computers and complying with its demands of speaking to update servers, finding shared folders, running as admin etc but am failing a bit on this one. The error after installing (and the update) is "Unknown Operation[sic] system 6.2.2900.0". I've tried various compatibility modes to no avail...


Any hints would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

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Have you checked their forums to see if others have had similar problems?

Thanks; yes, I'd had a look but their forums are more difficult to search than the BR's!


I found a thread in German asking something along the same lines, and a suggestion was made to update to EJ5. That's about all I can find.


I did find that MS seem to think it's compatible: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/ProductDetailsViewer?Type=Software&Name=easyjob&ModelOrVersion=4&Vendor=Unlimited+Technology+Systems&Locale=&LastSearchTerm=&BreadcrumbPath=&TempOsid=Windows+8.1 - but I don't know what that's based on!


I just thought I'd ask here as I know many people are Easyjob users (I recognise your name from previous help/conversations, for example - thank you!)...

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Windows 8.1 x64

Have you ever got it to work on W/7 64 bit?


I'm having aggro from lots of older stuff in a 64 bit environment...


I'm fairly sure I managed to install it on my old laptop (now dead!) which was Windows 7 64 bit. Can you remember the errors/issues you're having on W7 x64?

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