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Slip rings and such


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ok so the club owner decides he wants 17 rotating chandeliers, the rotating of the chandeliers easy. The lighting of the bulbs while the chandeliers rotate, hmmmmmm. They have to light ie power has to go to the bulbs, and it has to rotate in one direction only.

Been looking at slip rings, commutators, etc etc but I dont have the time to prototype something and test it for safety etc etc. Are there any ready made hanging motor + slip rings combitaion out there that I can buy off the shelf??...


My second option would be to replace the bulbs with crystals and light the chandeliers from a few recessed lights and hope the crystals take on the appearence of being lit.


Any thoughts are welcomed.


Cheers folks


Dave W.

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Why don't you try white LEDs and batteries (assuming you don't need to control them...) if you do need to control them try wiring the LED stuff into a remote control receiver... hopefully shouldn't drain too much battery you would probably have to replace them every few months but at least no blown bulbs :)
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This is a thread on this forum lots of ideas here. I still like the idea of fibre optics spinning the ferule infront of the lamp.


Do remember that mirror ball rotators are a limited SWL please find one suitable, Light Engineering, Eden Road London, is one of many sources, There are some rotating chandeliers in an asian interest lighting shop near me ready made (East Ham London E6 opposite The Boleyn PH)

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