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2 way communication for iPad mixing with A & H iLive


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We use iLive R72 and T112 surfaces but often will do a gig with just a MixRack, Router & Laptop/iPad.

What would be really useful is a headphone system which allows the iPad user to move around freely, pfl/solo a particular channel or a mix AND which also has a mic for talkback so we can communicate with the band/performers during a sound check without having to walk back to the stage.


There's already lots of product in the market for 'Comms' e.g. Clearcomm, Canford etc. that offer 2 way communication.

Has anyone already used any of these products to provide the setup as described above?

What does it consist of and are there any problems to consider.


Any advice/comments appreciated.

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I think any comms based product wouldn't offer the audio quality you'd be looking for to listen to things other than for confirmation of a signal presence. I've done this in the past when sounchecking pit bands/monitoring by wearing a standard G3 lav mic and an IEM pack as well, jacked into the desk talkback and monitoring. This was particularly helpful when setting up a remote band in a separate room to the theatre as I could be in the room with them while setting up monitors. Only mistake I made was that to make it easy the IEM transmitter/mic reciever and the wireless router were all up at FOH for simplicity and I was through a wall in the band room, so the signal on both wifi and IEM was a bit spotty. Could be solved with a little advance thought by running an extra CAT5 line with the audio snakes for the access point and putting the wireless kit on some extra stagebox channels, so it's closer.


Obviously wearing both an IEM and mic pack is a little annoying and certainly it's not as neat as an all in one, but does have the advantage that you can pick and choose your IEMs/mic/inputs and the kits all pretty standard and available - also no wiring of 2-4 wire adaptors required!

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...move around freely...


That hints at a wireless solution. There are some wireless comms systems which have a program feed into them BUT they are expensive. You're probably looking at something in the region of £1k for a system.


TBH, it looks like two separate wireless mic systems would be the way to go. A couple of Trantec VHF channels from eBay would likely be the most cost-effective route. One a belt-pack transmitter and one a belt-pack receiver.


If you can work wired then some of the RTS beltpacks have a program input.

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