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RFID sound control.


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A bit of a weird on here. Not strictly a sound question but it's to do with sound control so here goes.


I have a media player loaded with a sound file which is connected to an amp and speakers. The media player has a terminal connector which when shorted together starts the play back. All so far is fine except the customer wants to start play back via a rfid key ring. I used to have a standalone rfid reader / controller, a pyronics sa unit which did exactly this, you can program the unit with a number of tags and when one of these is presented it operates a relay. However I no longer have this unit and it is no longer made and is without a replacement. If I remember correctly it cast about £30-£40.


I have found a number of access orientated units but these are all way too expensive I.e £450 too big and in separate units. The smaller stuff seem to be aimed towards USB connection to a PC or raspberry pi orientated.


Anyone know of a simple standalone reader with controller built in. It only need to store 10 tags?



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This is about the most common unit available on ebay. It works, but is not what I'd class as secure and is limited in expansion possibilities. But it looks like it could do what you need if it's just a single audio file being triggered.


The tags are also available in bulk on ebay and even a cloning system if you wanted all the tags to have the same code.


My link

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