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ETC Nomad Setup


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So, I'm looking at getting a secondary console for use onstage and as a backup to the ETC Gio I have. I was going to pickup an Ion and a touchscreen, but I do have a Nomad dongle with enough outputs, so I was considering getting an AIO Touchscreen device like the Acer Z1 and making it a dedicated Nomad machine. If I get an external monitor I could run the virtual Keyboard on the lower one and avoid having to use the actual keyboard for most tasks.


Any pitfalls I haven't considered? All in all, I think I could make the Nomad system happen for about $1500 vs about $7500 for the Ion...

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Hi Bryson


Seems like a logical plan.


Another thing to consider is adding an X-key interface to the Acer Zi? The panel is the size of the Ion programming interface and I have seen people use the x-keys as handy programming interface combined with the nomad dongle. I would look at the Xk-60 as it most closely resembles the Ion layout.

On saying that, I am not really sure if the X keys would suit with the Acer touchscreen in terms of portability et al but worth thinking about. All depends on how permanent you wish to make your secondary control interface.

You can only use a certain type of x-keys. There are different models over the years. I cannot remember the specifics but it is something to check on the etc website.


I do believe you can also hook up a fader wing to the nomad computer. I have heard of people doing this but to my knowledge, it only works on a PC version of the software.



hope that helps




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