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LS9 Graphic EQ Issues (Need some Advice)


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Hi to all


I have a small problem with a ls9-16 I'm working with. Yesterday I was using the effects rack to run graphic eqs on some monitors and foh. It was working well all day then in the middle of the show, The settings I had for the graphic eq on racks 1 and 2 both changed to something else that I hadn't set. I didn't do a recall and no scenes were recalled I'm positive on that one.


So in the break of the show where a host was talking I cleared the graphic using the flat button. After pressing flat it asks to confirm that you wish to flatten your eq and you press okay. So obviously it should just then flatten out the eq. For me what was happening after I had pressed ok, was the eq would then jump to a random setting one that I had not set and one that would be useless for what I was doing. If I then pressed flat again the same thing would happen. Anyone have any ideas on what this may be ?


Is it something I'm missing in regards to a setting or that I may have knocked on or off by mistake. I had thought maybe a short cut key could have been leant on or pressed in error but when checking out what short cuts I had active. I only had the help button on one of the short cut keys.


Any help and advice would be great and I'm thankful in advance


Thanks guys

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