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what sort of templates? snippets? scenes? library files? what's the template for?

you can knock up your own in 5 minutes using x-edit - but different firmware versions will react differently to the files - snippets have only been available since v.2 (I think) and things like parallel compression on a channel have only been added to the channel compressor on v2.8 (I think) so one man's template may be another man's rubbish.

library samples of channels for specific instruments were included in v2 but the bottom line is that people tend to tailor what they do to a venue, an artist, a rig, and the way they work so my studio scenes aren't any use for live work and my live files vary dependent on the above variances.

It seems like a big leap to write your own but it really isn't - you just need some quiet time for an hour or so with the manual, a mic and cable, some wav files on a usb drive and maybe a pair of speakers.

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