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Logic 9 MIDI outs - slightly off topic, maybe


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Hi everyone.


Any Logic Pro 9 users who know how to easily route 3 separate External MIDI tracks to different outs? Every time I change the output on the channel strip - it changes them all.


It's for a live setup triggered from separate MIDI files running with synced audio from QLab. (Great program, by the way)...


I need the IAC bus track sending notes on Ch10 to go to my DMX lighting program, the A output track (on a MIDISport 2x2) to my keyboards (ch16) for some patch changes and the B output to our X32 mixer for the same (ch's 1-3)


They all work separately when I change the out assignment but everything seems to hang when I set it to 'All' for testing. It's a biggish job and want to get it all working from Logic before I even involve QLab. I know I can route individual MIDI tracks no problem from QLab but wanna test a few tunes before that.


Spent ages on this and come to the conclusion I hate Logic. It's all I have at the minute. Was always a ProTools user but don't wanna iLok - and it's become too expensive, really.


May give Cubase 8 a try - but again need an iLok style device...


I dunno! Bit technical but maybe someone's better at logic than I ever will be!

Sorry for the long rambling. It's basically the first question I mentioned :-)


Thanks, Adam

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