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High speed camera (Slow motion)

Andrew C

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I'm sort of looking at getting a high speed video camera in the day job. We've got a couple of Casio cameras that will do a burst of 60 frames for a second, but we'd like to go a bit further.


You'll notice the italicised bit. I'd like something like a Phantom V10 but in reality I don't need 10000000FPS at full HD, but I'm struggling to find anything in the middle ground. Maybe there's a better Google term?


Anyone got any pointers?

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Speed is usually traded for resolution so check that the speed you need will allow the resolution that you want, largely it's governed by the data rate required at the storage area.

And/or processor throughput turning raw pixels into video and compressing it.


I've used a Lumix stills camera which does 1080p25 HD, and then gets steadily smaller up to being VGA @ 200fps. It also needs loads of light to be useful at HD - and of course it doesn't like fluorescents because it can see them pulsing on an off. On the other hand, you can watch arcs establishing and extinguishing on each mains cycle if you slow the video down!

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