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Back projection and a two-way mirror


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If you can get a small tilt down on the screen you should be on to something of a winner as well. it should remove quite a lot of the lights.


I wish I had thought of that 6 weeks ago! Unfortunately, the build team have gone to great lengths to engineer a perfectly vertical mirror that glides effortlessly in one plane, and there is absolutely no chance of tilting it.


Looks like it's the spray option.

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So, we ended up having to degrade the front surface of the polycarbonate with a very fine glass paper. Here are a couple of photos of the final effect:


With projection



Without projection




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In answer to some questions:


The mirror is notionally 1200 x 900 mm (the size of the polycarb sheet that I have conveniently available - I know LCD TVs are cheap these days, but a it would still cost more than my entire scenery budget (this is Community Theatre Land), and as I said, we have already purchased the short throw projector and screen, so that's what we use.


Good thought on the shutter - it is something I have not thought of. An alternative might be a black curtain in front of the screen that is removed just before the projection begins. Something to experiment with.


The idea is to video the talent. They effectively have to duet with themselves, so we will video them as their alter-egos mumbling along with the music, and then have the duet vocal sung live by another singer (offstage). The only problem is to sync the video, and I plan to do this by having the video start cued to the live music, and including a discrete tempo mark in the corner of the video to give the MD a fighting chance get the correct speed (this worked very well in our last show).


Once we get this working, I'll try to get some photos and video for future reference.


Thanks again





Maybe worth a look on Ebay for a Cheap 42" LCD or Plasma TV with Screen defects or Issues listed as "Spares or Repairs"


Whilst no use in a residential enviroment , the "Damaged" set may be suitable for use in this instance ??


Just a thought ?

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