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DMX pin-out on waterproof cables


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Each year I put on an outdoor light show in my local village that is, I'm told, much appreciated by people far and wide as it can be seen for miles. To date I have used a particular manufacturer's LED equipment that is suitably IP rated and this year I purchased some more LED fixtures from a different manufacturer and was delighted to realise that they had the same connectors on for both power and DMX. The power cables are wired the same way and so the units can be daisy chained, the same cannot be said for the DMX, the pin out is different with the result that one side of the differential DMX is shorted to ground when I connect equipment from manufacturer A, to that of manufacturer B.

I now have the problem of what to do to sort it out. I can either convert one to the other, make up change over cables or run two loops. So, my questions are


Does anyone know if there is an agreed specification for non XLR plug pin outs for DMX?

Would anyone know the manufacturer & part number for the 3-pin waterproof connector that used on outdoor equipment for connecting the DMX up?

And where might I purchase ready made extension cables?


The connector is a smaller version of a conventional XLR.


The plug has an outer diameter of 18mm and the socket has an external thread of approx 24mm.





Many thanks



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The standard for DMX is 5 pin XLR, with provision also for RJ45. Anything else is non-standard and therefore up to each manufacturer to determine. Personally, I'd run two separate runs, one for each type of lantern, just to keep things simple rather than making up loads of adapters.
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I think this is the same thing



Musht is right, they always come with wires attached as the plug is moulded onto the wire to achieve waterproofness. They seem to be some sort of generic chinese connector, never seen a brand on them.


If the equipment is easy to get into and you want to intermix the positioning of the 2 types of unit I'd rewire one lot so that you can connect anything anywhere.

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Who would have thought that such a simple problem would be so awkward to sort out.


I found what I thought were the right cable, superb service from the supplier to get the cables to me only to find that the cables had a 4 pole version of the connector on them.


The soldering iron is warming up as I write.


Caveat emptor indeed.


Ho hum.

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