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Coemar Prospot LX150 with same Fault ,started at the same time

Guy Tec

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Hi Guys , odd fault occurred yesterday , have 2 Coemar Prospot LX150 which I was setting up for a school ( they had not been used for 6 months +) , and they was working fine , had full control of all parameters , we then cleared all outputs ,and both colour wheels kept spinning ,did not matter what we did , resetting lamps -no reset desk still no luck ,changed DMX ch did not work either .

the only way to stop wheel turning was to unplug connection to the motors so we could still use gobos, focus and pan and tilt .


so the question is have you ever had a fault on moving heads that was caused by a DMX instruction that then caused faults in more than unit ?


confused of Southend

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have you tried a factory reset of the fixtures? (DFSE). A standard reset (RST) only forces the fixture to initialize. Make sure the DMX mode is correct for the desk profile used as this will re-arrange various DMX attributes.


You can go into test mode and operate each motor seperately from the buttons to check for hardware errors.

Any sensor, wiring or motor problems on the colours or gobos will give an error code on the display.


Make sure you understand your desk patches and addresses, to rule out a simple programming error...setting all channel values to zero on a coemar does not necessarily mean the wheels all stop. For example (off the top of my head) zero on the gobo wheel means 'fast gobo scroll anticlockwise' or similar counter intuitive effect.

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