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Midas M32 Dropped Wifi Network


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I have an M32 connected to an Apple Airport Express box; setup works a treat except for when I turn the desk off.

When I turn everything back on my computer/ipad can't find the desk. The only way I can get the iPad to recognise the desk is by pulling the network cable out of the Airport & plugging it back in. Any ideas?


Any X32 uses having this issue?



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Different desk (A&H), but the advice I got for a similar problem was to power up the AE first, and let it finish its switch on routine before attempting to connect it to anything else. This works for me.


So I think it may be an AE thing, rather than an X32 (or M32) thing.

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Unfortunately; the only other router I have is an Airport Extreme but it does behave the same way.. I've tried various power up options but none of them seem to make any difference, I've even tried different network cables. I think it could well be an Airport issue, they are a bit temperamental… what I did notice is that it definitely has to be the network cable pulled out before it would recognise the airport, pulling the power cable out had no effect… Hmmm!


Looks like I've sorted it:

I changed the Gateway address in the M32. I was told the gateway address id the address of the router (which was This worked fine except for the booting up problem.

While playing around with different routers I changed the Gateway address to which was the second routers address.

When I changed back to the Airport Express I forgot to reset the Gateway Address but the Network is working fine & it boots up every time with the desk…


Hmmm! Not sure what I did but it works :)


Hopefully that's the end of that?


Thanks for the advice guys...

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lots of x32 connection problems, freezes and crashes related to using ipads and routers. none so far using android. the details are out there on various forums and facebook threads and are well known - though people disagree about what is cause and what is effect. some manage to work with some settings, some have persistant issues - one guy in the states got so hacked off with his ipad causing problems he walked across the road mid show, bought and android tablet downloaded the 3rd party software and carried on without flaws for the rest of the show and there after.

I'm not saying that this is the approach you could take but while lots are keen on the cult of the apple, I'm not sold.

I'm also not convinced behringer's software is free from guilt

add a router into the middle, power loss, wifi interference, the audience phones trying to log on to your router etc etc and I think you have to look sideways at the working method. if you can make it work for you and you can make it work flawlessly every time that's terrific, post your results and we shall all run out and employ the same method. but so far I see too many posts about various problems to consider it a an ipad and airport express a tool set I can rely on.

for the avoidance of dobt and so far as I can see there software is pretty much identical in the m32 and therefore it has the same issues.

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I always boot the router (airport express and extreme) first before powering on the desk. Haven't had any problems with the Express and DL1608 in the two years since I bought them doing it that way. The Extreme and X32 are new additions but so far so good.
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