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Dream effect with a gobo rotator?


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Hey all.


Trying to get this effect going.


I have a pantomime scene in which the character is in a dream, he will remain sitting during the whole scene; but will be fidgety. Almost as if he is having a nightmare.


I was thinking that I could use a gobo rotator to further this effect.


I'm thinking of using the Rosco gobo 81165 "Undulation"


I am completely open to ideas, as this is my first time using such effects.


I will be using a GAM "twinspin."

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To be honest, this is one of those things where without knowing a) your space, b) your show and c) what effect you're actually looking to achieve, then we're not going to be much help.


Do you have something specific in mind?

How exactly are you looking to achieve the effect?

What tools (lanterns etc) do you have available?


What exactly do you need from us? The 'how to' or are you looking for opinions on an effect (that we can't necessarily visualise)?








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