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choice of projection material


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Hello Video peeps


You'll have to excuse my ignorance as I'm a lampy and my knowledge of projection is limited.


Recently I've become involved in a sensory project where a person sits inside what is basically a plastic bubble and has all manner of funky images thrown at them. Complete coverage isn't a proviso - the top 3/4 of the sphere needs to be lit and the bottom half will be blacked out.


It's early days yet but I need to find out what projection material is best to use. The bubble needs to be transportable so I'm guessing that the material will need to go onto the inside of the glass. I quite like the look of the transparent stuff but the criterion here is image quality and brightness over how cool it looks. It also might have to operate in spaces with a fair amount of ambient light. I'm guessing that the stuff that has a narrow angle is best, as the viewer will be bang in the middle of the projector's lenses.


Any suggestions gratefully received.


All the best


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This sounds like something we did years ago at raves using a two metre diameter, inflatable, rip-stop sphere. We used to project video games onto the outside with the console and player inside or use it as shadow theatre projecting through one clear plastic panel at the rear. Are those the sort of effects desired?


I don't follow the "narrow angle-bang in the middle of lenses" bit since one projector will give near hemi-spherical images. For back projection material the shower curtain trick seems cheapest unless, like us, you have access to loads of free cream or white rip-stop.


Ambient light and projection never mix too well and the quality, power and contrast of your projector all make a difference. HTH.


Oh, and mate Geoff of Geodomes built a five or six metre dome for Pantene with nylon tent material skin which sat there glowing and pulsing with light if you need a communal version from three metres and up.

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