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Dimmer Packs


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So I currently have 6 NSI DDS 9800 dimmer packs.


I've had them for quite a while and I have a couple questions:

- When is a good time to look for replacements?

- What would be a good replacement? (I'm looking for similar wattage and 8+ outlets)


I did some research and came across:

-ETC SmartPack

-NSI DS Rack

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A good time to look for replacements would be:


1- when they die

2- when they cannot be repaired

3- when they are too expensive to repair

4- when they die faster than you can repair them

5- when you have spare cash floating around.


I assume you are in the US based on the products you have quoted, this is a mainly UK frequented forum, you might not have many suggestions of products people here have used :)

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+1 for David's comments. If stuff works, there is no reason to replace them.


I can only comment on the ETC SmartPack, as they are the only dimmers from your list that I have used.


They dim stuff up and down nicely. The only drawback is, apart from the weight, the quad TRIAC blocks. They are relatively expensive (currently around £120) to replace. Annoying if only one of the four TRIACs has gone down. Other than that, they are small (2U), reliable 12 way dimmers.

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