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360Q Pan and Tilt


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Hello Everyone,





This is my first Post here and I look forward to your input.


I have been asked by my university to try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. I have decided that I will try to reduce the number of fixtures in our student center's Multi-Purpose Room. We had 24 360Q 6x12 in the FOH. I have replaced 6 with LED Parcans. While these fixtures are nothing like the 360Q's they replaced, they do function to give us the general stage wash(s) that we need for this type of venue.


I would not like to reply at least some of the remaining 360Q's with some sort of Movers. As You know these are so many on the market that no one knows what each does. This is the reason for this post. I could use your insight ...


Here is what I would like to be able to find:


1) a spot mover with about the same light output at the 360Q 6x12 with a 750watt lamp.


2) I need a unit with basic colors. I do not need RGBA or RGBW but that would be okay, I need at least a color wheel with 5-10 colors


3) Gobo wheel that I can put in different Gobos.


4) Shutter control .... I do not mean strobe but rather shutters for making cuts.


Now I know this last one is the hard one. I do not even know if there is such a fixture out there. But again that is why I am here ... I would need at least some form or iris control or zoom. The unit are 6x12's at about 35ft throw.


Whatever I get will hang on the FOH pipe inverted. Fan noise should not be a big issue since we rarely do shows that do not have music cover. We do;however, have speakers doing lectures in the venue. In those cases only 1or2 fixtures would be use to light a podium.


I am sure the first question will be; "what is your Budget" Well all I can say is Clarion is a state university so we are not looking at the high-end of the market.


Thanks You in advance for your input on this topic.



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You would be better buying some LED profile spots such as the Source 4 LED. Movers with framing shutters are at the more expensive end of the market and will not help you with power saving, because they have a lamp which is lit all the time rather than a normal fixture which is just lit when you need it.
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You would be better buying some LED profile spots such as the Source 4 LED.


...although it's also worth pointing out that a Lustr+ series 1 consumes about 130W at full tilt, with the series 2 being more (can't remember the number, but I think it's about 170W) so you're not actually saving anything like as much power as one might imagine, given the way the "LED" buzzword is bandied around by higher ups when trying to save money/the planet. Additionally, as with any LED kit, there's a lot more electronics involved that use rare earth metals etc., the mining of which isn't great for the environment. Nothing in particular wrong with the S4 LEDs (I love them) but if the university is seriously interested in cutting carbon footprint then you have to look beyond headline power consumption figures and consider manufacture/transport costs.

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